Project Description

The idea was to create a stunning workout program online for mothers all around the world with Mia Savidis in the spotlight. Built on top of WordPress we created a modern & stunning design from start to finish. This project also included setting up a fully functional membership system that charges members a monthly fee using Stripe. This website looks great on all devices at any size being fully responsive for mobile, tablets, and of course desktop computers.

Project Details

Client: Mia Savidis

Date: April 2017

Skills: Branding, Web Design, Membership system, Payment system


Responsive Design

Making sure a website makes the consumer more inclined to take a certain call to action is more important than how great we think a design looks. Sometimes a design that removes certain features or elements will perform better or worse.


In the case of we found that a mobile design that was not our first choice actually performed better in the end. We can help monitor and run extensive split testing to help determine what works best for any business website.


Displaying video in the always pleasant Vimeo video player helped bring this responsive design together nicely.

Live Project

Building Communities

No matter what type of features you want to offer your clients or visitors, we are able to get it done for you. In the case of, an area on the website for members to discuss exercise and nutrition was important.


This fully custimized forum system was added into the member’s area for all to enjoy and use.


If you need custom features added or have a great unique idea, give us a shout out today to help get it up and running!

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